We worked hard to reduce our footprint from the beginning. We reduced the number of component we use, we selected processes to avoid unnecessary cutting and we chose recycled and recyclable materials.

Based on existing studies, we evaluated the impact of every single components we use and the traveling distance they have to do until the final products are delivered to our warehouse. The impact for one pair of Norm is only 6,5 kg of CO2 equivalent. This is 80% lower than the industry average*

It is already a good thing, but we decided to be Climate Positive. It means that we wish to go beyond the zero carbon emissions and create a benefit for the environment. To do that, we partner with a Belgian NGO, Graine de Vie, to plant two trees in Madagascar for each pair we sell. Each tree planted compensate for approximately 5kg of CO2 eq.

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*Based on the Numbers of the World Footwear Yearbook, Apiccaps, 2018